Rodrigo Bressane is a fine art and commercial photographer, creative director, and pioneering researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

His photography has been featured in galleries from Rio de Janeiro to New York, receiving critical acclaim in numerous art publications. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for storytelling, he brings a unique perspective to both the art and commercial worlds.

Over the past two decades, he has worn multiple hats. As an Art Director, he has founded and scaled several creative agencies in the digital realm. He currently leads Round 6 Creative, a 100% remote agency with a focus on innovation and a team of creators spanning Europe and Latin America. The agency’s mission is simple: to deliver unparalleled creative solutions that resonate on a global scale.

His work isn’t confined by geography. Based between Paris, London, and Madrid, he collaborates with clients worldwide, offering them a global perspective that enriches their projects and broadens their reach.

When he is not working on client projects, he is deeply involved in personal endeavors that range from experimental photography to cutting-edge AI research. These projects not only fuel his creativity but also keep him at the forefront of technological advancements.

A Legacy of Excellence in Photography & Creative Media

Transforming Brand Narratives Through Photography & Art

With over 20 years of experience, Rodrigo Bressane has established himself as a distinguished commercial photographer and creative director, collaborating with some of the most renowned brands in the world.

His expertise and creative vision have been pivotal in bringing to life compelling campaigns and stunning visuals that captivate audiences globally. Rodrigo’s dedication to excellence and innovation in photography has made him a trusted name in the industry.

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